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10 September, 2018
Bolsa de Inversión Inmobiliaria
31 August, 2018
  • TaskRemote IT Support, SysAdmin, Managing Mail & Server Configuration, IT Security Consultancy

6sigma IT Solutions has been carrying out several Consulting tasks with good results. An initial study was made of the situation that the corporate website and its digital strategy that they had since 2002, has provided advice in the different developments of updates, always helping them to understand the needs of the real estate sector and the shortcomings of the places of the moment.

On the other hand, the company presented, a few years ago, it presented constant problems in the propagation of malwares in its work stations, which decreased the productivity of its employees by not using the stations in the moments that were fixing them, and a increase in costs in Technical Support. An analysis was made of the particular situation that the Real Estate had at that time and the situation was solved with the appropriate controls.

Currently under the scheme of remote technical support to the work stations and server, maintenance work is carried out on its Technological Infrastructure, and digital security routines, at a much lower cost, due to the fact that remotely, operating costs are reduced.