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31 August, 2018
Transformación Digital en las Empresas

Digital transformation in small businesss

Today we are talking about digital transformation, hinting at whether a company has changed its processes where they are integrated into the digital world to add […]
31 August, 2018
Evolución en la presencia digital en Internet

Evolution in the digital presence on the Internet

The digital presence on the Internet began in the 90’s. In those years, static web pages were developed with HTML4 language, millions of pages were created […]
31 August, 2018

Digital transformation and new rules of the game

Technology has changed the world in which we live, the internet of things is a reality, we are connected with our smartphones, computers, Smart TV, smart […]
31 August, 2018
Transformación digital y los 3 cambios.

Digital transformation and the 3 changes

In the next post I will talk a little bit more about the digital transformation, which I mentioned in previous posts as with this the companies […]
31 August, 2018
Ser Gerente de Tecnología Digital de la mano del cliente

Grow as Digital Technology Manager in the hands of the client

Being a Digital Technology Manager, working with clients in web development, digital marketing, technical support and digital security, is a challenge, which I have assumed thanks […]
31 August, 2018
Desarrollo Web , Ciclo de vida y Mantenimiento

Cost of Web Development, Life Cycles and Maintenance

If you are going to have a digital presence through a website, you should take in consideration some concepts: Cost of Web Development, Life Cycle and […]
18 October, 2018

Trust, small businesses and global customers

In a global and digital world, where small businesses sell products and services online, we have obstacles to go through, such as trust. We can have good […]