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6 frequently asked questions about IT Support

What type of software licensing best suit your business and how 6sigma it solutions can help you
What type of software license best suits your business?
24 August, 2019
What type of software licensing best suit your business and how 6sigma it solutions can help you
What type of software license best suits your business?
24 August, 2019

6 frequently asked questions about IT Support

6 frequently asked questions about IT Support

The generalization of the use of current electronic devices, configurations with peripherals, software, hardware and updates, often generate incidents and also requires preventive maintenance.

When hiring an IT support Professional, some questions arise, which I place below some commun ones:


1. Why some people don’t hire an IT support?

People do not go to IT Support, many times, because of the easy to use of the systems in which they are used in an consumable software like Office, and there are basic problems that can be solved with the help panel of the operating system, however In most cases, an incident resolution process has to be done.

Many people and company, have a paragim of “put order on house” when an incident occurs and doesn’t have IT Support continous plans that can help to prevent most incidents. Incidents will always occur but in a lower rates.

Also, some people tends to think that downloading a “magic” program solves any problem, and some of those software are affecting the computer . The truth is that in the resolution of an incident, there is a previous investigation and a diagnosis, and a resolution of incidence, that the IT support professional is trained to perform.

2. What kind of activities do an IT Support Professional?

The general idea of the IT Support is to support company in IT, while the employees dedicate to their business

An IT Support professional can help both individuals, homes and businesses. In various areas such as hardware configuration, software, operating systems, networks, systems administration, processes and IT organization and security.

It also depends on the IT support professional, who can focus on any of the above areas, or specific solutions, since the IT field is very broad.

3. What kind of work is done on an IT support?

At a corrective level, the IT Support professional solves incidents, which for a company or individual, maybe the highest priority, in which its made a diagnosis, prior investigation and then a resolution of the incident, and subsequent documentation for future cases.

But also, there is the preventive and maintenance work, which the IT support professional, performs work on the equipment so that it works as optimally and safely as possible.

All those activities are made for the continuity of the business.

4. On which operating systems can IT Support help?

Windows, Mac and / or Linux. Depending on each IT support professional.

5. What are the threats of not consulting with IT Support?

The biggest risk that a commun user has of not consulting IT, is when download programs from the Internet to solve issues, which can have either malware or have a potentially unwanted application (PUA) which puts their equipment and information at risk or that seeks a solution that affects the operation of the computer and network.

6. Is IT support expensive?

The prices may vary. However, the most important thing is that you get IT support professionals, better with a degree or certification and experience, who have been trained to solve this type of incident, and help companies solve the incidents, and advise companies.

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