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What type of software license best suits your business?

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What type of software license best suits your business?

What type of software licensing best suit your business and how 6sigma it solutions can help you

What type of software licensing best suit your business and how 6sigma it solutions can help you

Believe it or not, many companies and people today are not very clear about the options they have in a legal way to acquire the computer software of their choice or alternatives to them.


I have worked with clients with these three (3) computer software licensing models, always according to their needs, each one offers its advantages and benefits.

These models apply desktop devices and mobile devices in most cases.

I will place in parentheses after the title, the approximate dates of predominance of each of these types of licensing, although all these types are currently in force.

  • Perpetual Licensing (1980-2000)
  • Free or OpenSource Licensing (2000-2010)
  • Subscription Licensing (2010-present)


Perpetual Licensing

This is the first model was the predominant until recently in commercial software, had a high cost. Some features:

  • Only pay by computer
  • You pay only once for the software and the license lasts a lifetime.
  • You acquire updates on the subversions of this software that the developer carries out.
  • When there is a new major version, you should buy the next version of the software, and usually if it has more advanced features you should update your computer equipment.

OpenSource Licensing (Open Source)

This “Free” licensing as it is known, emerges as a solution to Perpetual License Licensing.

  • The software is developed maintained by a community of programmers who make improvements in its features and security.
  • Depending on the developer community, how numerous and active it may be, it may have expedited or slow updates, so you have to take digital security into consideration.
  • The support is provided by the community and the information that is obtained depends on how active it is.
  • The software has no cost to the end user.
  • There are many popular software alternatives that are available in free software.

Subscription Licensing.

With the arrival of mobile devices and SaaS, this model began to be used successfully for software on devices and later on desktop computers (Windows or Mac).

  • This model has been displacing Perpetual licensing and has given option to other people who used OpenSource licensing, and want to use that software that was previously very expensive to pay.
  • It works with a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment model, in which the client pays lower amounts.
  • Several companies with this licensing, offers combo or suites, and more features that can be beneficial for the subscriber.
  • The user acquires benefits such as permanent updates of minor and major versions, in security and functionality of the software.
  • You get support directly with the software developer.


What kind of license to choose?

I would recommend the one that suits your needs and budget.

Take into account that the software performs what it needs, the technical specifications and technical support that they can offer you.

I hope with this entry your doubts are clarified, and you have a greater idea that allows you to decide your company what software to use, even if there is any doubt or you need my assistance you can contact me.

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