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Trust, small businesses and global customers

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Trust, small businesses and global customers

In a global and digital world, where small businesses sell products and services online, we have obstacles to go through, such as trust. We can have good prices, good product, but if the customer does not have trust in our brand, will not buy.


How to build trust?


It is very important to work on having good, clear and specific proposals when selling goods and service online, as my experience on selling IT services, I will refer not of goods but services. Additionally, it is good that those who hire your services validate who you are, how is your work, etc, through online reviews. This will increase your eligibility to be hired. Those reviews have to to be published on your website with and be spread on your social networks.


It is also important that during the provision of the service the expectations are clarified, since the client can have an idea of ​​what she/he want, but there is also a scope in terms of what can be achieved, so it is good to clarify all these aspects in the client’s proposal.


Subsequently, it is good that you provide a quality service, which will gives you more clients, and then a post-sales services.

In my case I Offer news that exist in digital marketing, web development, technical support and digital security, discount, bonus, other new services, etc.


I recommend that you have a service where there is a process of accompaniment so that the client benefits in the long term, where you help him grow his business, since it is useless to have a website if there is no marketing strategy that applies to the short, medium and long term. In my experience, the high quality – price ratio increases the chances of having a post-sales service, where both parties benefit.


These are some of the guidelines where I have generated trust with global clients.


If you have an opinion that has served you, I invite you to share it.

Orlando J Jaramillo G
Orlando J Jaramillo G
Professional IT Technologist.
Digital Transformation | Cloud Solutions | IT Security
Google IT Support Professional Certificate
Security in Google Cloud Platform
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
IBM Cybersecurity Professional Certificate
I attend small and medium business whom I offer custom IT solutions.
I work remotely with businesses from other countries

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