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Grow as Digital Technology Manager in the hands of the client

Transformación digital y los 3 cambios.
Digital transformation and the 3 changes
31 August, 2018
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Cost of Web Development, Life Cycles and Maintenance
31 August, 2018

Being a Digital Technology Manager, working with clients in web development, digital marketing, technical support and digital security, is a challenge, which I have assumed thanks to the years working in these areas.


Knowing the dynamics of the internet and social networks, as well as the technology and processes that are managed allow me to offer my clients a shorter and more effective way than previously offered, most likely the product of continuous learning and training.


In the area of ​​technology, so changing, the client needs effectiveness in results and certainties in which the goals are going to be fulfilled, so it is always advisable to carry out the goals with indicators that the client needs, fixing each one, in accordance to your need. The goals of a personal brand that wants to leave its mark to get a better job or online job are not equal, that of a restaurant or mechanical workshop.


There are mechanical tasks, which the client may or may not want to do, but more important is the strategy with which they must perform to achieve the results.


Help micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, is rewarding when they raise flights, it is not about win-lose or lose-win, much less lose-lose (all these mentalities that many people have in business erroneously today), is a win-win, is to find the way where both parties benefit mutually.


Being your digital ally and supporting you in the digital transformation today, is without a doubt a rewarding job in which I will continue to be a digital technology manager hand in hand with you, my dear client.

Orlando J Jaramillo G
Orlando J Jaramillo G
Professional IT Technologist.
Digital Transformation | Cloud Solutions | IT Security
Google IT Support Professional Certificate
Security in Google Cloud Platform
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
IBM Cybersecurity Professional Certificate
I attend small and medium business whom I offer custom IT solutions.
I work remotely with businesses from other countries

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