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Cost of Web Development, Life Cycles and Maintenance

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31 August, 2018
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18 October, 2018
Desarrollo Web , Ciclo de vida y Mantenimiento

Desarrollo Web , Ciclo de vida y Mantenimiento

If you are going to have a digital presence through a website, you should take in consideration some concepts: Cost of Web Development, Life Cycle and Maintenance

1) Cost of Web Development: this is the initial investment that you assume for having the result web development. This depends on the developer, agency, freelance, etc. This cost pays only once.

2) Life Cycle: many sites are currently made with a content manager (CMS), and this evolves. Like all software, the CMS, the version which the website was developed initially expires, and it is necessary to update to the next version, since the developers of the CMS, focus their efforts on the most current versions, as there is not support for the older versions.

The same goes for the Windows operating system, when it stops being supported by Microsoft, it is when its life cycle ends.

3) Web maintenance: this refers to the updates made to the software, as well as any information backup of the website, in case your page has been compromised, you have the most recent support of it.

It is always good, a clarification with the client on these points, so that you know that there are costs that clients must assume after web development, not only ends when you make the website.

It is not advisable, that the clients have the pages unattended, and the importance of doing web maintenance and renewing it, redesigning it when, this is obsolete, not compatible with browsers, or the technologies are updated.

As everything, the previous one takes a cost, that you will have to determine with the client.

I hope this entry was useful, see you in a next post.

Orlando J Jaramillo G
Orlando J Jaramillo G
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