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Evolution in the digital presence on the Internet

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31 August, 2018
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31 August, 2018

Evolution in the digital presence on the Internet

Evolución en la presencia digital en Internet

Evolución en la presencia digital en Internet

The digital presence on the Internet began in the 90’s. In those years, static web pages were developed with HTML4 language, millions of pages were created from that type of page and many of them exist.

How was the technologies that give digital presence to companies evolving? And it will continue to do so.

Then, Adobe Flash technology appeared, which allowed to see animated pages in browsers. This technology has been used for several years to show animated web pages.


With the appearance of smartphones and tablets, the new standard HTML5 language, the fact that some smartphones of the moment (year 2007), for example, the Iphone, did not allow viewing content with Flash technology, promoted the change of web developments from html4 and flash to html5, which can be seen both on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and on desktop computers (PC, Laptop, Mac).


The foregoing, forces companies to update themselves, so that they do not lose visits to their website, even more when the browsing habits of users is currently higher in mobile phones than in desktop computers.


For some time (2013) has been encouraging the best usability of web pages through responsive designs and the encryption of web page communications by means of SSL certificate, so companies should be attentive to implement these changes so that your pages are not obsolete.


Here in this blog I will guide you in the process of digital transformation of your company, in digital presence issues (whether you have a website or not), digital marketing, digital security and IT technical support.

Orlando J Jaramillo G
Orlando J Jaramillo G
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