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Digital transformation and new rules of the game

Evolución en la presencia digital en Internet
Evolution in the digital presence on the Internet
31 August, 2018
Transformación digital y los 3 cambios.
Digital transformation and the 3 changes
31 August, 2018

Technology has changed the world in which we live, the internet of things is a reality, we are connected with our smartphones, computers, Smart TV, smart watches, video game consoles, etc. We have “apps” (mobile phone applications) for everyone.

Technology has been disruptive, changing the way we communicate. Before we were at an event and enjoyed it, today we are protagonists in those same events, posting tweets, Facebook or Instagram updates, sharing photos, videos, or comments.

Change to the Digital Age and Digital Transformation.

In the last 10 years, there have been more changes than in the previous 100, there is more quantity and quality of information, available at any time.


Cortesia “Book are Social”


According to Internet Live Stats, in 3.5 seconds, 3.5 billion Google searches, 150 million emails, 140,000 video calls, 45,000 photos are published to Instagram, 8.1 million videos are watched on YouTube, and 450,000 tweets on twitter..

The Internet In Real Time

All the above indicators show that it is essential for small businesses to have a digital presence, and develop strategies to reach this number of users who spend a lot of their time active in these technologies.




Orlando J Jaramillo G
Orlando J Jaramillo G
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